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Meghan's Outfit Of Choice Before
Her Big Day

Meghan Markle Is Addicted To Yoga and #YogaPantsDay

Many brides put themselves on crash diets and fitness plans before their big days. But thankfully soon-to-be wed Meghan Markle has already found the winning formula when it comes to staying in shape.

Since announcing her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan has been a big advocate for change with the state of Britain's obesity epidemic. She regularly shares her tips and workout regiment online. Her workout of choice...yoga.

"There are so many benefits that come with yoga," says Markle. "Increased flexibility and muscle strength, greater happiness, increased mental focus, a greater ability to relax, decreased anxiety and better sleep."

When asked what was her "outfit of choice" when going through her yoga sessions, her answer was simple: "Fabletics of course."

Why Meghan Chooses Fabletics

When asked why she chooses Fabletics when she works out, she couldn't help but gush. "Oh my God, they are SOOO comfortable," says Markle. "The capris are like butter on my skin. I absolutely love them. I do have other workout capris, but they usually aren't super practical for working out. They ride down and I cannot do any jumping motions and poses without having to pull them up every four seconds. These capris are super comfy, I can go through entire sessions without them falling down, AND they are flattering."


In case you didn't know, the royal princess to be absolutely loves yoga. Coupled with her newfound love for Fabletics, we have partnered with Meghan to create #YogaPantsDay.

Browse your thousands of styles and prints and stand out as the Belle of the gym. Embrace your inner beauty, while still saying cool and comfortable. This will lead to some of the best workout sessions that you have had in your life.

So there it is. What began as a love for yoga pants, led to a great partnership between Meghan and Fabletics. Our team is proud to have her on board, and we are excited to expand our brand to customers and enthusiasts alike.

Not only are we at Fabletics proud of our accomplishment, but we are also extremely confident that Fabletics will work for you.

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Success Stories

"I started using Fabletics about 30 days ago and it has definitely worked for me. I love how comfortable they are. I even wear my yoga pants around the house when I'm not working out. I would recommend this product to anyone!*
- Carol F.
Fabletics is hands down AWESOME! I now breeze through my workouts and I love it.*
- Simona T.
Hello everyone, my name is Nicole and I'm 57 yrs old. Im writing to tell you Fabletics is the real deal. Even at my older age, I felt difference with Fabletics. I highly recommend Fabletics.*
- Richard H.

Experience Unmatched Comfort #YogaPantsDay


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