Sexy Kindergarten Teacher Fired Because of Her Instagram!

Many critics are furious over how ridiculous this firing was. Deemed as an outstanding teacher, she may have to live with this decision for the rest of her life; as many believe that she will never get another teaching position again.

By Steven Thomas -

Her name is Valerie Peters – She is the teacher who got fired because of her Instagram

Apparently, if you’re employed, you shouldn’t look good on the job?

As most young adults do, Valerie loves instagram. She’s confident in her appearance and likes to put herself on display. Some creepy parents who decided to google her, fell on her account and criticized her choices about her poses and expressions, claiming they were too sexy for a school teacher.

It’s obvious she likes to put her cleavage on display and wear sexy outfits in her pictures, but it’s a free country so why not!
However, one disgusted mom says “Her pictures on Instagram are far too sexual!”

She continued:
“The way she looks at the camera is very sexual and not appropriate for someone who works with children! It can affect our children in a bad way!”

The Kindergatern confronted Valerie regarding her account and requested she remove these photos in question. She refused and they fired her.

Her colleagues were also not supportive, her co-worker teacher said:

“It’s ok to share photos with friends on social media accounts, I do it as well, but my photos are very conservative in case a parent happens to see them. If you are a teacher you should behave accordingly.”

Valerie has been severely affected by this and she is not sure if she will an even land another teaching job anytime soon!