Her Boyfriend Said They’d Meet At A Church Concert – But When She Arrived She Found Out He’d Lied

By Kelly Weinstein -

Her boyfriend promised her that he’d meet her at the concert. Then, when he called to say that he’d been held up in traffic, he guaranteed he’d be there for the intermission. But it all turned out to be a big lie. The concert started without him. However, as the music began to play and the singer started the first verse, it took the girlfriend’s breath away. She slowly realized that something amazing was about to happen.

At the invitation of her father, Lauren Esposito paid a visit in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Her boyfriend, Zach Hamner, would already be there for work. So it made sense for the three of them to take the opportunity to enjoy some quality time together.

While they were visiting, the local church happened to be staging a concert, and so the three of them made plans to attend. Hamner would be working on the day of the show, though, which meant that they couldn’t all arrive together. Esposito, however, was okay with the plan, as Hamner would still be there, just a little later.